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A new type of weather stripping
Nov 20, 2018

A new type of weather stripping

Damaged weather stripping can allow a lot of air to leak around old entry doors. Several surface-mount solutions work well to seal the cracks, but they’re unattractive. A better-looking alternative is silicone rubber tubing weather stripping, available in several colors and diameters.

Before you order the tubing, close the door and inspect the perimeter to see how large the gap is between the door and the frame. Measure and record the size of the gap at three places along both sides and at the top of the door.com to choose the right size tubing based on the size of the gap. Order different diameters for each side and the top if the gap sizes are different. If the gap varies along one edge, order progressively larger sizes and insert the smaller seal about 1/2 in. inside the larger seal where they join. You’ll also need a tube of commercial-grade neutral- cure silicone caulk.

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